Our Mission

At eDoclist our mission is to provide you with the necessary tools you need to improve the logistics of your patient management system.


In today's healthcare industry, there are complex regulations and rigorous standards to which healthcare providers must comply. As a 100% HIPAA-compliant online patient hand-off program, eDoclist has been designed to meet those needs. All patient data is stored on and transmitted over a server that has been audited by a Certified Independent HIPAA Security Specialist, as well as a Certified HIPAA Practitioner. At eDoclist, we make patient confidentiality a top priority, giving you the assurance of knowing your patients will be tracked both automatically and securely. eDoclist satisfies all of the physical, administrative and technical safeguards that are necessary when handling sensitive and confidential patient information.

Patient Care

We understand the need for more personalized patient care as well as improved efficiency and less room for human error. Our real time tracking system helps keep you more in tune with patient issues. The program was designed by a practicing physician who understands the challenges in the healthcare industry today. The result was a streamlined, efficient, and easy-to-use interface. eDoclist was developed to be an extremely intuitive and user-friendly program. Our program works for you, not against you.


We offer one-on-one technical support and a fully customizable program to suit your individual needs. It is accessible from any computer with internet access.

Who We Are

eDoclist was developed by physicians for physicians. We found that current patient hand-off solutions were unfitting for the needs of our institution. In response, we created a web-based application that had the following principles in mind; simplicity, customizability, and accessibility. eDoclist has been available since 2008. By word of mouth it has grown to include large institutions and smaller private practices. We credit the success we have earned not only to our developers and staff at eDocList, but to our customers who provide continuous feedback. We continually research new and innovative methods to improve eDoclist performance. In return we are able to give our customers the latest technology and tools to comply with new industry guidelines. We listen to each and every customer to ensure 100% satisfaction with our product.