Patient Encounters
Physician contact made easy

Encounters Module

Contacting physicians has never been easier!


Fully customizable with easy on-line setup.


More time for patient care.


100% HIPAA compliant.

WHY USE Encounters?


  • Fully customizable form.
  • 100% HIPPA compliant with industry standard encryption
  • Option to send all information, including content of call, or simply a notification that there is a new patient call.
  • Remote accessibility.
  • Eliminates pages, and awaiting callbacks.
  • Integrates seamlessly with eDocList patient sign-out program.


  • Time savings – eliminates need to page doctors when a patient calls.
  • Decreased chance of missing a call - all calls are logged and the physician can look at their open calls.
  • Instant notification - physician is notified and does not need to go into the EMR to check for patient encounters.
  • Creates a record for future reconciliation or tracking of patient calls
KMJ Health Solutions, Inc. has expanded its product line with the introduction of the patient encounter module.

With Encounters, patient calls can be logged and the appropriate physician contacted immediately by email notification.

Medical assistants, nurses or others taking patient calls, can now type the reason for call into a form and the information is sent to the physician's email address.

The physician can log in and check all of their "open" calls.

Encounters saves time and increases patient satisfaction.

In a busy office or hospital setting, assistants can enter the call into the form and move on to the next task. No more paging and then waiting for the physician to call back.

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